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Professional and easy to use Photobooth equipment

What matters when you’re planning a fabulous event? That it will leave your guests talking for months, or even years!

What makes special events… special? The experience and the memories. How they are remembered. For how long and by how many guests. But to be unforgettable, it needs that special something that goes beyond time and place – the magic that makes memories last long after the fact. That’s where Pic-Booth comes in!

At Pic-Booth we provide hand-made professional photo-booth rentals in Paris, Île de France and surrounding departments for weddings, birthdays, company events, and all kinds of celebrations. No party’s too large or too small, no theme is too wild. Visit our services page to learn more or contact us to ask anything you like!

We make people happy

"Having a Photobooth for my wedding party was the best decision ever!"​
Wedding in Paris
"My kids loved it! This birthday party will be unforgettable. And we have the photos to prove it!"​
Birthday party in Athens
"I know it, you know it, everybody knows it. Company events are boring. This one wasn't!
Company event in Paris
"Zoi and the team behind picturing-photobooth are real pros."
Wedding in Paris
"Our guests just loved it, everyone was talking about the Photobooth!"
Wedding in Athens
"We offered it to our bride-to-be and it was the best way to spice up the bachelorette party!"
Bachelorette party
Professional and easy to use Photobooth equipment

We take your fun seriously

Studio lighting & high image quality

A DSLR 24 Megapixels Nikon camera for Mega details and a studio flash to guarantee that no detail is lost.

Social media ready

Instantly send the photos to your e-mail or share them to any social media you want - for free!

High quality printing

Instantly take a print of your photo, printed using thermal technology for accurate colour representation.